MyChildren MyBride Mychildren Mybride

Mychildren Mybride are having an identity crisis on their newest, self-titled album. The cover art is straight out of Norway via black metal, but the music brings to mind a second-rate Emmure, who are already a second-rate the Acacia Strain, with nu-metal influences. Mychildren Mybride take the nu-metal influences seriously on "God of Nothing," which opens with eerie whispering, à la metal's most urban subgenre, and continues throughout with simplistic, down-tuned riffs. "The Endless" has potential, with its catchy, melodic intro, but descends into Bring Me the Horizon territory, with the ethereal riffs and desperately screamed/spoken vocals present on their newest album. While Mychildren Mybride have proven their ability to emulate their peers effectively, it's when they distance themselves from their most obvious influences that they shine. "SAMCRO" gallops with more energy than the rest of the tracks combined, providing some hope for the band and the rest of the world. For if you were to believe "Wings of Integrity Pt. II," which says, "We are the voice of this generation," you'd better hope this "voice" is a bit more original next time around. (Solid State)