My Morning Jacket/Songs: Ohia My Morning Jacket/Songs: Ohia

Jim James returns with four new My Morning Jacket songs while Jason Molina stretches his one Songs: Ohia contribution out over ten minutes on this Jade Tree split EP. MMJ explores all the facets of his muse - rocking out on "O Is the One That Is Real," getting plaintive and spare like a Neil Young ballad on "Come Closer," and getting weird and playful with "The Year In Review" - a high speed version of, who knows, potentially all his recordings, that's strangely entertaining. The single Songs: Ohia track, "Translation," takes its sweet time unfolding, in the rambling fashion that Molina has made his own on recent recordings. MMJ is the real treat for its four songs, but fans of either band would discover a new favourite if the other is unknown to them.