My Morning Jacket Plotting Two New Albums

My Morning Jacket Plotting Two New Albums
It's been a few years since shaggy Kentucky rockers My Morning Jacket released an album, but that will soon change. The band have said that they have two new albums in the works, plus an upcoming solo record from singer Jim James.

This new comes from Rolling Stone [via JamBase], which reports that the band are in Portland, mixing an album that's due out in April 2015. They've also got another one apparently due to follow in 2016.

"I love making each record sound different," James said. "I love the thrill of putting on a record and feeling like you got the wrong one from the factory."

Why two albums? "I just had tons of songs this time," the frontman explained. "We didn't even get to all of them."

They began the process late last year in a studio near San Francisco, and they amassed 24 "solid contenders."

Furthermore, James has a new solo album slated for 2016. This will be the follow-up to last year's Regions of Light and Sound of God. As for MMJ, they haven't released an album since 2011's Circuital.