My Goodness "I'm Going Home" (The Sonics cover)

My Goodness 'I'm Going Home' (The Sonics cover)
Seattle guitar/drums duo My Goodness are opening up for the Sonics on September 20 at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre, so it's only natural that the band have shared a cover of the Sonics' tune "I'm Going Home."

My Goodness remain faithful to the garage-brewed spirit of the original, although the mix emphasizes the whirling organs over the gritty descending guitar licks. That changes somewhat halfway through, however, when the keys drop out and are temporarily replaced by a bluesy six-string jam.

This track will appear on a 7-inch that will be issued through the San Diego-based Lost Ark Studio's Randm Records as part of its ongoing compilation series. An exact release date for the 7-inch has yet to be confirmed.