My Favorite Joan Of Arc Awaiting Trial

This New York five-piece has had more than its fair share of praise heaped upon them, considering they've only released one album and a handful of singles. Their latest release, Joan Of Arc Awaiting Trial, is the first instalment of a set of three EPs that touches upon different aspects of the story of Saint Joan. It would be all too easy to dismiss My Favorite as just another band with an '80s obsession, but they manage to make it their own. And even on "Homeless Club Kids‚" where they sound a little too close to vintage New Order, it feels more like tribute than simply mimicry. With only four tracks, there's no room for filler at all and this does the band a lot of favours. And while the subject matter might not be as inspired as the band might think, the songs are solid enough and the EP is a cohesive start to their three part plan to take over the pop world. I'll be waiting here for episode two, in six months time. (Double Agent)