My Epiphany Miribilia

This Nashville band has put together one sad, sad album. With a blend of indie-electro and repetitive imagery of people breaking into pieces, Miribilia hovers in a very dark place and it works. With the relentlessness of early Dashboard Confessional, the heavier tendencies of Revolution Smile, and recalling the drearier sounds of the ’80s, thanks to a heavy reliance on keyboards, My Epiphany have crafted a sound that, no matter how depressing it gets, is hard not to get caught up in. The drum beats are sharp, the guitars are droning, and the vocals are drowning in suicidal languor. This album takes indie-electro away from the dance floor and puts it right into your head. My Epiphany have been movers and shakers within the Nashville scene and will likely be doing the same elsewhere in the world once their album gets there. (Independent)