My Education Bad Vibrations

This Austin, TX-based post-rock group are incredibly reliable for above average melodic post-rock that sets fire to those nerve endings. This latest effort does nothing to that reputation, as it’s just as layered, composed, fiery and beautiful as anything they’ve done in the past. The weeping strings do their job perfectly on "Mother May I?” and the guitars ferociously crunch and sway on the climax of "Britches Blanket” and "Sluts & Maniacs.” Although this steadiness should be celebrated, it may be time for a few more risks and extremes from this capable band. I’m thinking of the orchestral transformation of a similar band like Gregor Samsa. That kind of subtlety and shimmering beauty could happen in their hands but they only skirt it on the title track. This is some minor quibbling, as it’s always a pleasure to see a post-rock band not only transcend the bottom-feeding crap but do it with dignity and grace, and even a hint of fun. (Strange Attractors)