My Brightest Diamond Forum Multipurpose Room, Halifax NS October 21

My Brightest DiamondForum Multipurpose Room, Halifax NS October 21
Returning to the road following the birth of her son, My Brightest Diamond (aka Shara Worden) turned in a set that was equal parts sultry and sassy in the cavernous Forum Multipurpose Room. Be it leading the audience in the “la la la” chorus of “The Gentlest Gentleman” with the comical raising of an eyebrow or whirling around the back of the stage whilst playing a kalimba, Worden was a commanding presence on the stage. Allowing her classically trained voice to fill the rafters during a soaring cover of "Feeling Good," it comes as no surprise that Worden has been in such demand as a collaborator with the likes of Sufjan Stevens, the Decemberists and David Byrne, among others. It may seem like an unusual combination to mix delicate and minimal new material with foot-on-the-monitor guitar wrestling and disco pop covers of "Tainted Love," but in the capable hands of Worden and her band, it led to a captivating performance.