My Architects Grand Designs

In a crowded British music scene that is awash with bands trying to sound like Coldplay, Keane and whoever else is the current flavour of the month, it seems unlikely that there could be much room for another similar band. But fortunately My Architects have managed to give a potentially clichéd sound a fresh coat of paint. Grand Designs, the first release on the Canadian branch of the legendary Fierce Panda label, might seem a little anti-climactic initially. But given time, it turns out that My Architects are more than an unholy amalgam of early Coldplay and Keane and that can only be a good thing. "Airborne,” the band’s debut single, pretty much sets the tone for the whole record — soaring guitars, slowly building to an anthemic chorus that is repeated until firmly lodged in the listener’s head. It might be a simple plan, but it works well and is executed with a certain amount of talent — "Under the Pines” is another fine song that stands out from the crowd. My Architects are still a work in progress. They can’t rest on the laurels of a couple good songs, and now the emphasis is on them to actually produce their masterpiece. Or at least something more exciting than Keane have to offer. (Fierce Panda)