Struck With "Good Disease" Struck With 'Good Disease'
The online mix-tape sharing tool,, has fallen ill to "Good Disease,” wreaking havoc on the website and causing it lose many of its precious, little mixes.

On Wednesday, as a result of either a hacker or some coding misstep, every song on Muxtape was replaced by the Aim track, "Good Disease,” some Sade-styled chill-out track. Consequently, about 85 percent of the mixes posted in the past three weeks will be lost because of the "Good Disease" takeover, Muxtape creator Justin Oulette told

The loss of muxtapes is due to what Oulette referred to as "a perfect storm,” which involved the site’s various backup systems to fail. This has left only about 15 percent of the mixes created in the past three weeks recoverable, but thankfully, those that were created more than three weeks ago should be okay and back online later today, he said.

"We're hard at work restoring the database, which is a little more involved than it would be otherwise thanks to various mitigating circumstances,” Oulette says. "Once the site comes back up, every single muxtape should be restored with all their songs in the right order. However, some songs uploaded in the last three weeks that have a custom title may need to be relabelled. We're very sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for being patient during our downtime.”

Apparently, not even a good disease is really all that good.

Good Disease - Aim