Mute Produces New MSII Synth with Dirty Electronics

Mute Produces New MSII Synth with Dirty Electronics
Since pressing the Normal's "Warm Leatherette" single in 1978, legendary UK imprint Mute has been instrumental in shaping the world of electronic and synth-based music. Now, the iconic label has teamed up with music instrument makers Dirty Electronics to produce a synthesizer/sequencer that could further evolve the Mute sound.

A press release notes that the handheld Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II, or MSII, is an updated version of the sequencer that was unveiled at Mute's Short Circuit event at London's Roundhouse in 2011. The newly modified product came out of a collaboration between the label and Adrian Shaughnessy. Crafted to utilize a "pick-up-and-play approach," the MSII features a variety of switches and knobs and other various touch controls. Features include a noise generator, feedback, an oscillator and more, while it also contains expansion board capability.

"Packaged with a booklet containing simple and clear instructions, diagrams and essays, the MSII opens-up usability to not only the synth aficionado, but also an untrained enthusiast," a press release states.

To show off exactly what the MSII can do, Mute has gathered up a number of artists to contribute tracks using the synth/sequencer for a new compilation, which will be packaged as a CD with the synth. This includes Throbbing Gristle's Chris Carter, Dominic Butler (Bronze Teeth/Factory Floor), Simon Fisher Turner and more. You'll find a sampler of the experimental sounds down below.

The official unveiling of the Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II takes place November 15 at London's Bloc venue, though it hits retailers the day before.

Gearheads can pre-order the item and get more info here.