Mustasch Latest Version of the Truth

One of the few bands on Regain’s roster with a logo that’s not indecipherable, Sweden’s Mustasch play a strain of metal that’s worlds apart from their death-dealing label-mates. Streamlined metallic rock like Black Album-era Metallica laced with the modern psychedelia of B-Thong, the Swedish Grammy-winning Latest Version of the Truth is a multi-faceted affair. From the thrash throb of "I Wanna Be Loved,” "Double Nature” and "Bring Me Everyone” to the Prong-like industrial leanings of "The Heckler” and "Falling Down,” guitarist/vocalist Ralf Gyllenhammar sounds like the younger brother of the Cult’s Ian Astbury. "Scyphozoa” boasts acoustic pickings and symphonic strings akin to Neil Young’s Journey Through the Past opus. That same orchestration allows "Forever Begins Today” to be a contender for the theme to the next James Bond movie soundtrack, while "Spreading the Worst” sports an O Brother, Where Art Thou? twang for good measure. Mustasch snub their noses at metal conventions with the album that Monster Magnet wish they’d recorded after Power Trip. (Regain)