Muskox 5 Pieces

Muskox5 Pieces
This is a thoroughly enjoyable work. Whether experienced as a tight, focused suite or track-by-track, the writing and playing are extremely strong. These are highly rhythmic pieces, despite the lack of a drum kit. The percussive aspects of electric piano, vibes and banjo dominate the proceedings by spinning an ever-expanding polyrhythmic quilt. The math rock-friendly rhythms consist of riffs in very tricky time signatures, which should appeal to some metal heads despite the very different instrumentation. On top of this latticework is a melodic presence of double bass (often bowed), cello and alto saxophone, pulling off the difficult task of creating memorable, even hummable melodies while frequently changing direction. You could call this "new music," but it exudes warmth and an engaging momentum that are so often only implied in post-contemporary classical sounds. When the chamber Afrobeat of "Slinger" kicks in, it sounds like the dawn of a new age of rhythm. This disc should find many ears. (Standard Form)