Musiklee Inzane Star Wars: The Hip-Hop Soundtrack

Well, here it is: another person taking advantage of the popularity of Star Wars to try and sell their music. It wouldn’t be so bad if it had been done before the release of that disgustingly shameful Episode One debacle. Or, maybe if it was done better. Utilising samples from the original trilogy as between song interludes after every couple of songs might seem like a good idea to add continuity to an album, but when none of the songs have a single iota to do with Star Wars, it becomes just a mistake. In mixing this album, I would have stuck to the subject by choosing songs with a Star Wars theme, such as Phoenix Orion’s “Jedi Mastery,” the Shapeshifters’ “Mos Eisley” or anything from Supergenius’s Star Wars Breakbeats album. Hell, Musiklee Inzane could even have gone so far as to at least use songs that have something to do with space, like something from Kool Keith’s Dr Octagon or Black Elvis/Lost In Space albums, or any of a variety of other artists who are now finding joy in rhyming about things outside of our atmosphere. Instead, we have a mish-mash of Canadian and American rap tracks with a strong emphasis on Toronto and New York. Artists like EPMD, Snoop, Saukrates, Q-Tip (what’s with that sell-out jiggy track?), OGC and a host of others are all featured doing pretty much the same ol’, same ol’. The up side? There is the occasional dope-ass track that really should be heard. But my advice is to find it elsewhere because this is just your plain old bland mix tape masquerading as Star Wars fun. George Lucas would be furious! (Independent)