Music For Mapmakers 0.02

For a band that doesn't stick to any strict formula of sound, Toronto's Music For Mapmakers surprisingly succeeds at wandering back and forth between songs on their debut EP. Where most bands look foolish trying to sound like every artist that has ever influenced them, MFM switch their styles smoothly and with ease. The band's musical approach is a playful one, using a wide range of instruments (glockenspiel, violin and keyboards), which shows off their devotion to the music. They maintain the exciting swoop of Godspeed You Black Emperor! on the unlisted "Plum," starting out quiet and building up to a climax that explodes into a frenzy of guitars and drums Swervedriver earned its reputation for. And the friendly indie personality of Supergrass, on "Don't Know What You're Trying To Say," shows their ability to cater to a wider audience, especially with the enjoyable howls of singer Myles Bartlett in the background. Even the crackling white noise of "Down Again" is strictly melodic, with a catchy verse-chorus that keeps interrupting with plenty of permission. MFM will be releasing its debut album sometime later this year, and .02 does a good job of showing that it's worth the wait. (Grenadine)