Music Blues "The Great Depression" (video)

Music Blues 'The Great Depression' (video)
As previously reported, Things Haven't Gone Well for Harvey Milk bassist Stephen Tanner over the last few years, so he's about to issue a solo LP under the name Music Blues to channel his frustrations with the world. Things are apparently bad all over, as the artist is highlighting a cross-section of crumminess in the new video for his sludgy "The Great Depression."

Utilizing a four-panel grid, an assortment of Everything Is Terrible-styled hellishness plays out before us, from dog fights and Carrot Top comedy routines to drive-thru window assaults and the sight of multiple burning crosses. As the terrifying, slow drip of guitar feedback fades into the cavernous crack of a snare drum, we see a full-screen shot of an uncomfortable dance routine shrink into the crotch of Captain Kirk.

You'll discover society's many, many faults in the player down below. Things Haven't Gone Well, meanwhile, lands August 26 through Thrill Jockey.

Music Blues - The Great Depression from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.