Music A.M. My City Glittered Like a Breaking Wave

This unfortunately titled band actually comprises some wonderfully talented people from other bands, notably former Bows front man-cum-novelist, Luke Sutherland, and To Rococo Rot’s Stefan Schneider. The collaboration works wonders as this EP contains some bewitching and delicate electronic pop music that glistens with its pristine clarity. "Supercharger, I Adore You” works well with the just-there electronic beat over Sutherland’s breathy delivery, but is driven home by the slight distortion and synths that bring forth a heady, sweet song. Also included is lovely ambient piece, "Saturday,” which does threaten to dissipate, but holds on to the interest, if just barely. Much better is opener "Mermaid” and "Don’t Keep Me Waiting So Long,” which allows Sutherland to use his strong vocals to full effect. Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, Music A.M. lay a satisfying soft electro-pop egg that will hopefully hatch forth a likewise rewarding album. (Quartermass)