Muse Looking To Kill the Conventional Album

Muse Looking To Kill the Conventional Album
England's prog/alt-rock outfit Muse have had their fill of releasing albums and may never go back to the conventional means of putting out a record again. That does mean Black Holes & Revelations could be their studio swansong album as the band have other ideas in mind of how to supply people with music.

"I like the idea of releasing a series of songs, every month or every couple of months - just putting songs out there. Almost like making the single a more prominent format and then every few years doing a 'best of' from that period and that would be the album, " said front-man Matthew Bellamy.

While the idea sounds lovely, the ultimate decision is left with their label, which Bellamy spoke about to NME. "We're under a traditional contract at the moment with Warners, so it's whether they're susceptible to doing things differently.”

If Muse are given the go-ahead to kill the album format they will follow in the footsteps of Irish pop rockers Ash, who after reuniting and releasing Twilight of the Innocence denied they were splitting up, but would only release singles via digital download last June.

Muse "Plug In Baby"