Muse "Unsustainable" (video)

Muse 'Unsustainable' (video)
As we all know by now, Twilight-approved prog-pop group Muse are set to return with a new album called The 2nd Law on October 2 via Helium 3/Warner Bros. And as we've all been warned, the album sees the band toying with dubstep. Now, the wobbly song in question has arrived along with a music video.

The song is called "Unsustainable," and when paired with the visuals it's really quite dystopian as a newscaster offers up warnings and people run scared-as-shit through the forest. All the while, the band compare dramatic falsetto with dubstep-indebted rock music.

Depending on who you are, this is either the best thing ever imaginable or quite literally hell on earth. But we're not here to judge you -- check it out below if you dare.