The Murder Plans Good Omens

The '00s in music will be remembered by many as the decade punk rockers discovered the Boss. Add Ottawa, ON four-piece the Murder Plans to that list of gravel-chewing dusty-footers. Interestingly, Good Omens, the band's debut, plays that roll much more conservatively than fellow-Springsteeners the Gaslight Anthem or Orphan Choir. In fact, the opening phrasing of "Well, I'm consecutive, I'll make executive," on "Someday I Won't," and the stoic organ spill of "A Minefield" are pure Constantines. But once the listener looks past the rusty surface of songs like "Hurt Somebody" and "Napoleon," Good Omens begins to offer up much more than just a specific musical modus operandi. "Tell a Lie" unravels gorgeously, while "Chorus Girls" works off of a swinging melody that's as tender as it is tenuous. On Good Omens, the Murder Plans have the mood and image down pat, now they just need to find their voice. Relax, guys, be yourselves. (Independent)