Murder City Devils/Glucifer Murder City Devils/Glucifer

Guitars blazing, keyboards eerily radiating, a primitive beat beating and Spencer going off in typical Murder City Devils fashion all make this record a keeper. The opening track, "In this Town," is a song full of intense raw fury and lyrics that make one want to scream out and sing along. Track two, "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," is a slower ballad, a typical heart broken rock and roll love song about the abusive relationships that just can't be forgotten. Rapping up the Murder City Devils adrenaline injection, Glucifer pick up the rock and roll pace with their borderline metal performance. "Rock & Roll" is a denim and leather, fist-in-the-air song with a great bass line, maracas and a howling vocalist who must be squeezing his genitals. "Just What the Doctor Ordered" slows things down a bit, sounding like a good blend of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Two blistering rock and roll efforts by two of today's best acts. (Sub Pop)