Munk / Various Gomma Gang 3

The third in a series of mixes sanctioned by Germany’s most excellent Gomma label finds the label’s premier act Munk (Mathisa Modica and Jonas Imbery) up for the task of compiling tunes from the label’s catalogue. Just like on their brilliant artist album Aperitivo from 2004, Munk have a consummate knack for building a dynamic vibe perfect for either a packed house party or dance club. With a rich selection of tracks to utilise, despite a modest-sized roster, the duo have certainly picked the real gems from their label-mates, as Gomma Gang 3 rarely misses a step in its 74 minutes. Though released tracks are featured, such as WhoMadeWho’s snarling cover of Benni Banassi’s "Satisfaction” and Tomboy’s "Maggie & Samira,” Munk have given devout Gomma-heads good reason to invest money into this comp. The Rapture drop by to makeover WMW’s "Space For Rent” in an uncharacteristic, electro-friendly style; Hiltmeyer Inc’s "FinalAhh” is nicely redecorated by NICKY; and Munk’s club hit "Kick Out the Chairs,” featuring James Murphy and Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem, is stripped of its dance punk direction and pimped-up with a funkadelic bass line by WMW. GG3 is not only the celebratory sound of a Gomma family reunion, but also a sure-fire contender for dance compilation of the year. (Gomma)