Muneshine Talks 'There Is Only Today,' Reveals Supergroup with D-Sisive, Ghettosocks, Timbuktu

Muneshine Talks 'There Is Only Today,' Reveals Supergroup with D-Sisive, Ghettosocks, Timbuktu
When the producer behind the beats decides to step in front of them, there typically tends to be a lot more scrutiny. This fact isn't lost on the Toronto-based producer/MC known as Muneshine, who released his There Is Only Today project this week via Droppin Science Productions.

"I'm hoping to use this as a launching pad. I'd like this to be considered an introduction to me as an artist as opposed to a producer," he tells Exclaim! "If you're tired of the same old thing that seems to be everywhere, you'll like this album."

Known more for his production work with Shad, Ghettosocks and, most recently, D-Sisive's Juno-nominated Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye, There Is Only Today reflects the growing skills of Muneshine (aka Rob Bakker) as a rapper. Having collaborated with artists as varied as Sean Price, DJ Spinna and Pete Rock, Muneshine notes that MCing is something that he hopes people will connect with.

"It's something that I hope people will feel, with a soulful type of production," says the Saskatoon-raised artist.

"I worked with people that I've already worked with, people that complement what I'm going," he says of the guest stars on There Is Only Today, including D-Sisive, Ghettosocks and Teenburger, among others.

Muneshine also lets spill the early details of a rap supergroup project of sorts currently in the works, featuring himself, along with D-Sisive, Ghettosocks and Timbuktu. "It's just all about content right now. We're trying not to sit back and wait for something to stick," Muneshine says. "We're just going to keep on throwing darts at that wall, and have fun."

As for Muneshine touring, Canadian dates should be announced soon, he notes. Keep on the look out for new videos supporting the album, with singles to be revealed later.