Mumford & Sons Return with 'Wilder Mind' LP

Mumford & Sons Return with 'Wilder Mind' LP
Old-timey pop superstars Mumford & Sons took some time off after 2012's smash hit Babel. It's probably for the best, as their vintage suspender folk had been verging on self-parody. Now, however, they're back with a new album.

The album's called Wilder Mind, and its artwork is available above while its tracklisting is available below. It was produced by Joel Ford (Arctic Monkeys, HAIM, Florence and the Machine).

The group also posted a video to Facebook, hinting at their new music. In the clip, they're all playing electric instruments, and stranger yet, they're no longer dressed like artisanal cheesemongers.

In a press release, Marcus Mumford explained that the band's evolution was entirely natural. "Towards the end of the Babel tour, we'd always play new songs during soundchecks, and none of them featured the banjo, or a kick-drum," he said. "We didn't say: 'No acoustic instruments.' But I think all of us had this desire to shake it up. The songwriting hasn't changed drastically; it was led more by a desire to not do the same thing again. Plus, we fell back in love with drums! It's as simple as that."

Wilder Mind will arrive on May 5 via Island Records.

Wilder Mind:

1. Tompkins Square Park
2. Believe
3. The Wolf
4. Wilder Mind
5. Just Smoke
6. Monster
7. Snake Eyes
8. Broad-Shouldered Beasts
9. Cold Arms
10. Ditmas
11. Only Love
12. Hot Gates