Multiple Complication Nation St. ART

The debut album from MCs Lazy Jasun the Hermit and CoolAsShit (aka CASUNO), producer the Great Gibrahn and DJ Slick Fingers may not be mind-blowing, but for the most part, it is a damn good listen. St. ART should have been tighter, but unfortunately a few weak beats hold the album back from reaching its full potential. Still, the beats and lyrics come together superbly on no less than half of the 15 tracks. In the majority of those cases the beats tend to be hard and inventive. Lazy Jasun's straightforward battle-mode and CASUNO's jumpier word work combines best on their collaborations. The inclusion of Roc Solid, on "Just the Facts" and "The Antagonistic," makes for some good posse cuts. When it comes to the solo tracks, CASUNO impresses more often with tracks like "You Ain't Shit" and "C.A.S.U.N.O. (Cool As Shit Understandz No One)." In fact, after a short and funny little intro, which quickly flips into the bottom-heavy "Inevitable Sobriety," CAS blesses the mic and you know it's going to be on. It's too bad the energy couldn't be maintained throughout the whole album, but St. ART still has some great songs from a group to watch for in the future. Besides, how can you not like an album that pays homage to Kool G Rap over "Road to the Riches." (Illtelligent Wreck Kids)