Mullens Go Where the Action Is

Man, does the world ever need more bands like Texas’s the Mullens. Creative, hard rocking and hard working with a style that transcends genre, they stand out far from the pack of other ‘60s inspired bands. Their sound is ‘60s punk-based, taken further with ‘70s punk energy and a pop/rock song writing sensibility. The lead singer Tim Stiel, has a voice with real personality, that at times has a somewhat British sound to it without ever sounding forced or fake. There are lots of great songs here, with the amazing “Don’t Come Back” being the best. The song “Miserable Party” tells the familiar tale of people who don’t know how to have fun and “Sad Girl” is catchy as hell with a great, unforgettable vocal melody. Recorded entirely by the band themselves in their own home studio, the sound is clean, clear and showcases the band well. The Mullens are also a great live band and one can only imagine how good these songs will sound live. (Get Hip)