Mudhoney on Deck to Get Their Own Documentary

Mudhoney on Deck to Get Their Own Documentary
There's been no shortage of documentaries on Seattle-bred rock bands this year. First, we got hit up with a career retrospective on Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters, and later this year we'll be primed and ready for Pearl Jam's Cameron Crowe-directed doc, but it looks as if we're in store for at least one more grunge-era flick, this time on scene stalwarts Mudhoney.

A recently released trailer for a new film called I'm Now, named after a song from their 2008 set The Lucky Ones, suggests that the band will finally get the credit they deserve. Mudhoney aren't unknowns by any measure, but the act that helped kickstart the Seattle scene in the late '80s with their iconic Superfuzz Bigmuff EP and their almighty "Touch Me, I'm Sick" single have a tendency to get overshadowed by their pals Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains.

The quick clip finds PJ bassist Jeff Ament, sitting beside six-stringer Stone Gossard -- both of whom having played with Mudhoney's Mark Arm and Steve Turner in proto-grungers Green River -- praising the band's sloppiness. "These two guys and these shitty guitars rocking, just rocking out," is how Ament describes Arm and Turner's style.

With both a documentary and those upcoming tour dates with Pearl Jam, it's clear that 2011 is a big year for the boys in Mudhoney. Unfortunately, there's no firm word on when I'm Now will be released.

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