MuchMusic to Air Beastie Boys' Fight for Your Right Revisited at Midnight

MuchMusic to Air Beastie Boys' <i>Fight for Your Right Revisited</i> at Midnight
Last week, we reported that the Beastie Boys' hilarious-looking short film, Fight for Your Right Revisited, would be screened at Toronto's Royal Theatre tonight (April 20) at 7 p.m. That's all well and good for Hogtown hip-hop heads, but what about the rest of us who won't be able to hop on a jet to make it to the premiere? Enter MuchMusic, who will be showing the flick shortly after things wrap up in Toronto.

A blog post from the nation's music station confirms that the 22-minute mini-movie will be aired, uncensored mind you, at midnight E.S.T. If that's well past your bedtime, they will re-air the short tomorrow night (April 21) at 7 p.m. EST. Sister station MuchMore will re-broadcast on Saturday (April 23) at 11 p.m. EST, while the Comedy Network will screen it a day later (April 24) at the same time.

True, the rest of the country may not get to experience Fight for Your Right Revisited at the cinema, but watching the Beasties' Seth Rogen and Will Ferrell-led promotional vehicle this long weekend on your parents' couch with a bowl full of mini-eggs nearby isn't half bad.

In case you weren't already sold on the comedy, check out the trailer below.