Mr. Roam From The Plant "Groupie Central/Sunny Kiss Is Wack"

After making a couple of standout appearances on Da Grassroots' Passage Through Time album, most notably on "Postal Work," Mr. Roam issues this twelve-inch release ahead of his imminent album. Over an instantly affecting head-nodding groove, "Groupie Central," Mr. Roam dispenses his distinctive offbeat flow over nimble jazzy guitar and taut funky bass lines that are smartly composed by Pee of Da Grassroots. In player mode, Mr. Roam coaxes his raspy voice across the beat while he chats up the ladies, aiming the rebuke "I don't love you anyway" at the uninterested. Mr Roam goes for self on the production for "Sunny Kiss Is Wack," the sleeper track on side B. While the propulsive track, reminiscent of some of Busta Rhymes' unorthodox material, seems unremarkable at first, it rapidly gains favour as Mr. Roam's energetic and passionate flow pulses through the track, repeating the title several times to reveal a surprising and clever play on words to get around the censors. (Choice Cut)