Mr. Len featuring Juggaknots “This Morning”

Well, well, well. It seems like Matador Records is getting a little deeper and deeper into hip-hop. What Matador is doing now is sort of what I would have hoped the Beastie Boys would have been doing a while ago, expanding into hip-hop territory with some good releases. Last year Matador hit hard in the hip-hop arena with the debut full-length by the Arsonists, which contained many a hip-hop classic. This time around, they’re dropping the first solo twelve-inch by Company Flow’s DJ and co-producer, Mr Len. Len brings along extended family members Queen Heroine and Breeze of the Juggaknots to assist with the vocals. After Breeze represented so lovely as the main backbone on the Prince Among Thieves release by Prince Paul, it should come as no surprise that he comes off nice on “This Morning.” In fact, as should be expected from master lyricists who hang out with Company Flow, all the rhymes are on point. The beat sticks with the boom bap of Company Flow’s production, but Len seems to have taken a lesson from Little Johnny From The Hospital and slowed down the beats to a near trip-hop feel. Really, the only complaint is that a twelve-inch with only one song is kind of a rip off. What kind of a person teases you with only one song? I want more Mr Len. Now! (Matador)