Mr. Dream Trash Hit

Mr. Dream <i>Trash Hit</i>
The worldwide obsession with lo-fi garage pop has made it to the point where nearly every new punk band formed in North America sounds exactly the same: like a bunch of weaklings with small amps who just want to write pop songs. Fortunately, there are bands like New York's Mr. Dream working hard to break the cycle.

 On their debut album Trash Hit, the band play a modern version of punk that mines everything from the Jesus Lizard to Nirvana (the guitar opening of "Holy Name" has to be am In Utero sample or something). It makes sense that the trio are composed of some well-known music writers: they've had their inboxes cluttered with the same frustrating wuss punk as the rest of us for the last half-decade.

Stream or purchase Trash Hit via the widget below. A vinyl release of the album is forthcoming.