Mr. Dibbs Live In Memphis

Existing in a previous life as a mix-tape, this dazzling turntable display has resurfaced from the underground for the indulgence of the masses. Tossing aside conventional logic, the 1200 Hobos DJ orchestrates unorthodox beat suites spinning old school breaks, Led Zeppelin, the Meters and children's records next to each other to create eclectic, deftly blended sequences. His heightened sense of arranging beats may lead to rampant experimentation, yet the countless moods created are handled by butter-smooth transitions, even more impressive given the first two tracks on this disc, comprising around 45 minutes, were recorded totally live. Things get downright wacky on "Who's Your Daddy?" and "All Points Bulletin," with prank phone calls and odd nasal voices thrown into the mix. Capturing Mr. Dibbs's rather unique sense of humour, these tracks sandwich "First," a rather gloomy recasting of Roberta Flack's signature track, reaffirming the meticulous nature of the Cincinnati native. (Nu Gruv)