Mr. Cheeks Ladies and Ghettomen

The songs flow from one into another, like a well greased machine on Ladies and Ghettomen. Mr. Cheeks maintains his zone of representing for Queens and describing what makes a good party, ghetto situation, or a combination of both. This album is good for riding, or socialising, or as background music because it bumps throughout. Whether or not Mr. Cheeks wanted this effect, is debatable. The hooks and beats on "Tonight” and "All I Know” are hot enough to keep any dance floor bubbling. "It’s Alright,” has a stale beat that sounds strangely familiar to Mary J.’s "Family Affair.” The problem is Mr. Cheeks says nothing new. Not that he’s a one trick pony; it’s just that his beats are well ahead of his vocals. His simple story telling, this-is-how-I-get-down style works on "What’s Happenin’,” but overall, his lyrics are tired. The tracks are nice though, "Turn It Up” and "All Night Long” are smooth like Issac Hayes, while Cheeks is in the background doing his thing. In this age of 50 disc CD changers, this album would be good to keep in the deck for the time when you’re with your girl folding laundry. (Contango)