Mozez So Still

As the lone male voice in the Zero 7 camp, Brit soul man Mozez helped to anchor the group’s now classic Simple Things disc with his rich, silky vocals and the "Father Time” air with which he approached his contributions. These elements remain intact on his solo debut, So Still, and ethereal celebration of life that finds the singer riding wave after wave of thick, moody chords, muted guitar licks and effect drenched synth sounds. While many of the tracks here work rather well on their own, as a whole the album plays a little too much as it’s title suggests, with little variation in the records emphasis on chill and not a lot to differentiate one sleepy number from the next. Even the Nightmares on Wax produced "Fuzz” feels just a few kicking beats short of something really interesting. By the end, you come away with the feeling that the Zero 7 influence may have worked against the singer in his first venture outside the nest. (Apace)