Mozart's Sister

Little Burgundy, Montreal QC, September 18

Mozart's SisterLittle Burgundy, Montreal QC, September 18
Photo: Steve Louie
Having shared the stage with Trust before, Mozart's Sister wasted no time getting the party going, turning their live incarnation of Being into a stadium-like affair filled with thumping synths, strobe lights and bursts of enormous energy. Caila Thompson-Hannart and new bandmate Pamela had the crowd moving from start to finish, never skimping on the bass and keeping eyes locked on their incredible moves on stage.

Two new tracks found Hannart's distorted vibrato slowly build on a dark, minimal production that quickly shifted into a flurry of crunchy, sped-up drum loops, giving her room to project louder as her cyclone of sounds swallowed the entire room. This set the perfect tone for their surprise of the night: a cover of Trust's anthemic dark-pop single, "Bulbform." The girls teased that Trust frontman Robert Alfons would join them on stage, but while that didn't end up happening, Mozart's Sister did the song justice all by themselves, leaving the stage pitch black and ready for Alfons to continue the madness.
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