Moviola Rumors of the Faithful

While many bands these days seem to guide their songwriting muses in an effort to demonstrate how cool their tastes are - how dirty their garage, how Welsh their pop, how Noo Yawk their hip-hop - the generalists seem to have fallen by the wayside. Moviola, four guys who write songs and play instruments in Columbus, Ohio, are the best of those generalists, who love the Sea and Cake and Smog, but never stopped listening to Music From Big Pink or Buffalo Springfield. The '60s is a good jumping off point, but Moviola isn't interested in the minutiae of Brian Wilson's instrumentation or the obscurity of their psychedelic singles. Instead they write accessible, sing-along songs about girls, about heartbreak, songs that remind you of old friends and enemies. Songs you can hang a shingle of your own memories on, making them your personal favourite, changing their meaning to be all about you. Songs you might love forever. (Spirit of Orr)