Mouth Of The South

Struggle Well

Mouth Of The SouthStruggle Well
Mouth of the South could be taken two ways. One is a sexual allusion you can probably deduce yourself, while the second is a reference to the Christian Hell that, listening to Struggle Well, is almost certainly what they were going for. The album opens with "Blind Guides," promising, "There is one god; there is one way; there is one truth. I'm not shoving it down your throat, but I'd take a bullet if it means this gets to you." However, then they spend the rest of the album negating that statement, turning their Legend-lite pulpit into a platform for them to preach their beliefs.

"Dry Bones" makes room for a spoken word midsection, which "Simply Grace" furthers by allotting nearly four-and-a-half of its bloated five-minute running time to sermonizing. This wouldn't be a damning sin if the remainder of the music was enjoyable, but there's a distinct lack of energy throughout that leaves the band's Emmure-esque guitar chugs out to dry, which they do very quickly.

The occasional bit of promise, shown on "Running Scared" and "Idle Hands," is quickly buried under nu metal's simplicity. Struggle Well could be cleverly marketed as "heavier than Hell," but the deadweight's got Mouth of the South stuck in the fire of their namesake, where they're burning down. (Facedown)
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