Mouse On Mars Glam

Following the recent release of its EP collection, German "post-techno” duo Mouse on Mars (aka Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner) has decided to further empty out their vaults with Glam. Originally a vinyl-only release from 1998 on their own label Sonig, clamouring fans finally get a CD version. Bizarrely, these atmospheric clicks’n’cuts were originally composed for a Tony Danza (!) film of the same name, though they were eventually rejected by the film’s director before the film itself was downgraded to straight-to-video status. As sprawling and timbre-obsessed as most quality Thrill Jockey releases, it’s a worthwhile listen for those into the microscopically detailed Mutek sound and hardly sounds dated at all — though that could simply be saying something about the inherent limitations of minimal techno. (Thrill Jockey)