The Mountains & the Trees Hop, Skip and a Jump EP

The Mountains & the TreesHop, Skip and a Jump EP
Golly, this is a nice one. The Mountains & the Trees are Corner Brook, NL singer-songwriter Jon Janes joined by a rotating cast of musicians known as the Valleys & Seas Orchestra. On vocals, guitar, banjo, melodica and glockenspiel, Janes is the heart and soul of the operation. His thoroughly modern folk style combines traditional instrumentation with subtle but perfectly integrated effects. There's a disarming sense of openness in his gentle vocals and a sweet naïveté in his lyrics; his observations about the mundane details of everyday life ― neighbours, kitchens, sunny days ― are grounded in a worldview that is deceptively simple but offers perspective on and insight into the subjects of life, love and the pursuit of happiness. With work on a full-length album already underway, and plans to tour extensively in the spring, you'll want to keep an eye out for the Mountains & the Trees over the coming months. (Independent)