Mountain Goats Give Away Songs For Charity

Mountain Goats Give Away Songs For Charity
In tune with this festival and very charitable season, the Mountain Goats' John Darnielle is giving away a handful of old rarities in the hopes that fans catch the spirit of giving and pass it on.

Via the band's website, Darnielle has posted a trio of previously unreleased Mountain Goats tracks - "Hye Kye," "Extreme South" and "Brandy Let's Go" - asking that in return for the free downloads fans dig into their wallets, as well as their hearts, and donate to those in need.

Darnielle says he came up with the idea after Mountain Goats fans recently chipped in and helped pay for the surgery one of his friends desperately needed after being viciously attacked and injured in a robbery.

Here's the original message from Darnielle about his Christmas gift:

Given in gratitude for those who helped out my friend in his time of need; extend to all others freely with the gentle urging that in response to having received freely, they give in like manner - original thread here, but there is no shortage of need in the world - think also of throwing five bucks at some awesome animals or some truly kick-ass people doing truly kick-ass things for young men and women. Go look at those links while the files are downloading! Paypal somebody a fin! You'll never miss the five bucks and it will totally make your day! OK done talking now, go listen to ridiculously old (probably pre-Sweden) songs and laugh at the ultra-nasality! Kiss baby Mithras as you pass his manger! All love all day long for all time.

You can download the Mountain Goats tracks here.

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