Mount Kimbie Follow Crooks & Lovers with New EP

Mount Kimbie Follow <i>Crooks & Lovers</i> with New EP
Coming off the summer release of their celebrated debut full-length, Crooks & Lovers, not to mention a well-received set during last weekend's Pop Montreal festival, London-based electronic duo Mount Kimbie are in the midst of prepping their next dreamy, dubstep-exploring release. Titled Blind Night Errand , the curt collection, to be released next month, naturally places the wobbly rhythms of its title cut, which originally appeared on Crooks & Lovers, at the front end of the set.

XLR8R reports that the EP's title track will be backed by "Before I Move Off," another glitched-out, cavernous crawl taken from Crooks & Lovers, as well as re-interpretations from the production duo's 2009 single, Maybes. A new mix of that record's hazy, filtered synth slow jam "William" will pop up, as well as a live version of "Maybes," recorded at a club gig at Berlin's Berghain club.

English imprint Hotflush will release Blind Night Errant on November 29 in the UK.