Mount Eerie Releases New "Sloppy" CD, Lines Up Canadian Shows

Mount Eerie Releases New 'Sloppy' CD, Lines Up Canadian Shows
Never one to let recordings go to waste, Phil Elverum sneaked out another new collection of songs this week. Entitled White Stag, the ten-track Mount Eerie effort was recorded "sloppily and fast" as part of a recent week-long residency at Portland's famed White Stag Building, an ancient structure built in 1907, now owned by the University of Oregon. It's already up for grabs at Elverum's webshop but considering that it's limited, chances are it won't be there for long.

Here's how Elverum sums up this self-described "strange new release":

From March 30th to April 4th 2009, at the invitation of Matthew Stadler and his Publication Studio organization, I lived in the so called "White Stag Building" in the middle of Portland, Oregon. The building sat on the old mud where Portland began, pretty much, and currently belonged to the University of Oregon and had a long history of various occupants.

I wandered the building at night with recording equipment after students had left and ruminated on the site, specifically what the spot might have been like before the building was even there. The result is this ten-"song" CD of sloppy four-track recordings, with the presence of the building clearly audible. Sorry to say, it's limited edition. We'll probably eventually release it "officially" (on vinyl) but that might be a while. For now here is a short CD folded up in a complex way inside a poster with words and imagined historical scenery.

As far as Elverum's proper follow-up to No Flashlight goes, there's little new to report. Elverum ensures us "it's coming" and, according to the rumour mill, should be out sometime later this year.

As previously reported, he's also lined up a few Canadian tour dates, which include stops in Vancouver, Calgary and at this year's edition of Sackville's Sappy Fest.

Here are the tracks on White Stag, followed by those dates:

White Stag:

1. "(Calling)"
2. "Origin"
3. "(Basement Instrument)"
4. "Mud Grave"
5. "Sighing"
6. "(Summoning)"
7. "Quiet Echoes"
8. "Hunting"
9. "(3rd Floor Instrument)"
10. "Wasted Health"

Tour dates:

5/30 Vancouver, BC - St. James Hall *
6/25 Calgary, AB - Sled Island 7/17 to 19 Anacortes, WA - What The Heck Fest 2009
7/31 to 8/2 Sackville, NB - Sappy Fest

* with Nick Krgovich and GR8-2000