Mount Eerie Compiles Rarities and Singles on Song Islands Vol. 2

Mount Eerie Compiles Rarities and Singles on <i>Song Islands Vol. 2</i>
As his albums get more and more grandiose, it's reasonable to expect longer gaps between releases from Phil Elverum's Mount Eerie project. Fortunately, that doesn't mean fewer releases. As a busy, hard-working songwriter, Elverum has no shortage of material to release at any given time, and his upcoming release, Song Islands Vol. 2, will compile rarities that date as far back as 2002.

The double-LP release includes 31 tracks, including alternate versions of tracks like "Don't Smoke" and "Lost Wisdom," alongside fan favourites like "Get Off the Internet." The release will come on white vinyl, and will include a 32-page booklet with a letter-pressed book band.

According to a press release, the album includes, "Raw poems barely accompanied on acoustic guitar, expanses of wooden percussion, distorted punk instructionals, hundreds of voices singing, an attempt at smooth jazz, the lowest note on a questionable piano in a big empty room."

Mount Eerie will release Song Islands Vol. 2 on October 18 via his own P.W. Elverum and Sun label.

Song Islands Vol. 2:

1. "Where?"
2. "Calf In Pasture"
3. "the Intimacy"
4. "I Whale"
5. "O My Heart"
6. "instrumental"
7. "Where Is My Tarp?"
8. "Don't Smoke"
9. "Get Off The Internet"
10. "Cooking"
11. "Give Totally Up"
12. "Do Not Be Afraid"
13. "Voice In Headphones (singers)"
14. "Cold Mountain"
15. "Cold Mountain's Song #286"
16. "Heart Lake At Night"
17. "You Turn Me On"
18. "A Sentimental Song"
19. "Mystery Language"
20. "Waterfalls"
21. "This Is The Same Ocean"
22. "In The Rain"
23. "In Moonlight"
24. "Thanksgiving"
25. "instrumental"
26. "Uncertainty"
27. "Limp Climbing"
28. "Grave Robbers"
29. "Lost Wisdom"
30. "(wind lyrics)"
31. "Small House"