Motörhead Declare The Wörld Is Yours on New Album

Motörhead Declare <i>The Wörld Is Yours</i> on New Album
British metal legends Motörhead are now 35 years into their career, but that hasn't slowed down an endless cycle of releasing albums and touring the world. Following 2008's Motörizer, the band will return this winter with their 20th studio album, which has been dubbed The Wörld Is Yours.

The Wörld is Yours was recorded with frequent producer Cameron Webb, who has worked with everyone from Limp Bizkit to Ben Folds. The drum tracks on the album were recorded at 606 Studios, the California-based studio owned by Dave Grohl. Thematically, a press release says the album "serves to remind everyone that you should never stop questioning or critiquing a society that would surely chew you up and spit you if given half a chance."

Brief samples of some album tracks can be heard in the YouTube video available here.

Motörhead's The Wörld Is Yours will be available in the UK on December 13 via their newly minted Motörhead Music label, with distribution through EMI. A North American release date hasn't been announced yet, presumably because label heads are trying to figure out umlauts on their keyboards. Motörhead will also support the album with a European tour.

In addition to the new album, Lemmy Kilmister has been busy with a plethora of projects as he expands his personal brand. Not only was he recently featured in The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror comic book and was the subject of a documentary, but he also teamed up with the Kronenbourg 1664 beer company to record an acoustic version of Motörhead hit "Ace of Spades." The track can be downloaded here or viewed below.

UPDATE: The Wörld Is Yours has a tentative Canadian release date of February 8.

The Wörld Is Yours:

1. "Born To Lose"
2. "I Know How To Die"
3. "Get Back In Line"
4. "Devils In My Head"
5. "Rock 'N' Roll Music"
6. "Waiting For The Snake"
7. "Brotherhood Of Man"
8. "Outlaw"
9. "I Know What You Need"
10. "Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye"