Motörhead Better Motörhead Than Dead: Live At Hammersmith

It’s almost disgusting how wily good old Lemmy Kilmister can be. Just when it seems like we’ve had about all of the live Motörhead records, bootlegs and DVDs we could possibly endure, both financially and sensibly, he comes up with another great reason — and album — to justify the cause. A double-disc, one-night celebration of the band’s 30th anniversary, Better Motörhead Than Dead is easily the best collection of Mo-terial to date. Even though we’ve heard Kilmister, guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee run through obvious set staples "No Class,” "(We Are) The Road Crew” and "Iron Fist” a million times, the zeal that propels this jubilee gives them new life and makes the raunchy blues-based rock even ballsier. And more interestingly, the band opt to flesh out the collection with personal faves and diehard gems. The first disc seems like a delightful vanity affair thanks to the virtual absence of rote material, and the inclusion of songs from the band’s vast history such as "Metropolis,” "Going To Brazil” and "Sacrifice” make it surprisingly comprehensive. Initially, Better Motörhead Than Dead: Live At Hammersmith may seem like another stab at the gullibly dedicated but once that fine digi-pack boasting a full-colour booklet is opened and the unmistakable grinding Rickenbacker bass kicks in, it proves just why this power trio are still relevant three decades in. (SPV)