Mother Mother Announce New Eureka LP

Mother Mother Announce New <i>Eureka</i> LP
Back in the summer, eclectic Vancouver rockers Mother Mother spoke with Exclaim! about their "synthy" new album, which was slated to come out in early 2011 via Last Gang. Now, the band have announced that the LP is called Eureka and that it will be out on March 15.

Frontman Ryan Guldemond originally told us that the group had recorded 16 new songs. Twelve of these made the final cut for the album, and the lead single is a track called "The Stand." See the tracklist below.

Guldemond described the album as "direct and punchy and hooky and fun and lively," saying that it "ran the gamut of electronic sounds." It was produced by Guldemond himself at Vancouver's Mushroom Studios and District Four Recordings, and mixed by Mike Fraser (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Franz Ferdinand).


1. "Chasing It Down"
2. "The Stand"
3. "Baby Don't Dance"
4. "Original Spin"
5. "Born in a Flash"
6. "Simply Simple"
7. "Problems"
8. "Aspiring Fires"
9. "Getaway"
10. "Far in Time"
11. "Oleander"
12. "Calm Me Down"