Mother Mother Touch Up

Though originally a self-titled, self-released debut, this admirable effort is now receiving a wider release, a new title and, of course, plenty of hype. While the album isn’t an unbelievable new phase in power pop, this five-piece from Vancouver, BC still sparkle and shine above the rest of the pack. The one consistent thing about these songs is the sheer inventiveness the band use to keep things upbeat. Group harmonies, a little reggae beat, some unconventional phrasing, each song is its own beast, yet I have no idea how the album keeps its sense of cohesion. It also boasts the best pop song of 2007, so far. Really. Skip right to "Train of Thought” for the catchiest, tightest, most perfect and pristine pop. A light and quick tempo interspersed with a breathless energy and magnificent harmonies, this track is akin to Duke Ellington’s famous "Train” compositions, albeit if Ellington plied his trade in indie pop. While the rest of the album doesn’t hit those heights, songs like "Neighbour” and the title track still make this debut very worthwhile. With Mother Mother, things are never quite what they seem and the results just get better and better with each listen.

(Last Gang, (Last Gang)