Most Precious Blood Nothing In Vain

Rising from the ruin of one of hardcore's most respected and dedicated acts, NYC's Indecision, comes Most Precious Blood. However, as revered as Indecision were, musically they had a tendency for boring repetition (a flaw shared by much of '90s hardcore) and little (if any) musical innovation. In addition, their last few releases before their demise, especially Release the Cure, sounded far too much like rehashed '80s thrash (think Nuclear Assault) for anyone's well-being. Still, Most Precious Blood is a new beginning, and musically while retaining links to Indecision's sound (unavoidable really), cuts its metallic plodding and pummelling with melodic passages, breakdowns, countless gang vocals, full-fledged moshcore (an Indecision staple), actually hardcore riffing, as opposed to slowed down thrash, and a dedication and enthusiasm that is palpable. While arguably still doing little to innovate, Most Precious Blood delivers an album that fans of Indecision will undoubtedly love, while adding new staples (melody) to their arsenal, which makes them a catchier and better band than ever before. (Trustkill)