Mossman vs. Mr. Tsunami At Dub Corner

Mossman (Montreal DJ and dub aficionado Moss Raxlen) made one of the best dub releases of last year with his Vs. The World Bank album. One of its great strengths was to present a variety of moods, as opposed to just deadly serious and slow riddims. This approach is continued on the new disc with Mr. Tsunami, as these tracks are upbeat dub styles featuring a good deal of spontaneity in the mixing. The biggest difference between this one and the last is that At Dub Corner has more of a home studio vibe than full band, but it's just a different technique to achieve Lee Perry's vibes, which Mr. Raxlen clearly loves. Sometimes you can hear punch-ins or over-exaggerated effects, which are far from smooth, but smoothness was never Perry's goal, which is why his music remains experimental and fun, if not necessarily note-perfect. Speaking of which, the singing contributions to this disc are, uh, enthusiastic, if not tuneful, but that's okay - Lee the Upsetter and Keith Hudson's vocals will never be confused with the Wailers or the Heptones. Still, a fine haze is achieved in both versions of "Lostentation Dub," and the album's closing track, "Bashment Dub," is titanic. Overall, I think I prefer the first disc, but this one's getting a lot of personal rotation time and is a worthy addition to the collection. (Dispensation)