Moss Lime

Bus Stop Theatre, Halifax NS, May 23

Moss LimeBus Stop Theatre, Halifax NS, May 23
Photo: Eric Hill
Headlining the CKDU-sponsored afternoon at the Bus Stop Theatre were Montreal trio Moss Lime. The band were quietly making their presence known pre-show, wandering Gottingen in their matching signature rain wear, which was also weather appropriate, it turned out. Their approach to a kind of "feeling over technique" garage rock enlivened the crowd, setting many necks into head-bobbing motion.
While the spirit of their music is hard to fault, there were a few occasions where the looseness turned perhaps a little too messy, and certain songs required Charlotte Bonamour's lead guitar to double down on rhythm-keeping duties. Still, perhaps quibbles about how the fun is being had are moot when you are actually having fun, and Moss Lime brought the fun.
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